Our Devereaux Emmet designed golf course is the centerpiece, the focus-point, of the Mohawk Golf Club and is a constant delight for all who've played. more »
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We strive to create a place that provides fun and excitement for all ages. From sports leagues to family dinners, there is plenty for year-round activities. more »
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Whether it's a rockin’ class reunion, an intimate wedding, holiday office party or baby shower, we're here to work with you and create the atmosphere you want. more »
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Mohawk Golf Club is considered to be one of the premier country clubs in the Northeast. With our challenging 18-hole Championship course, extensive practice facilities, swimming, tennis and paddle tennis, and wonderfully unique social activities Mohawk has something for everyone in the family. Beyond our facilities, what has helped our members decide to join and remain with Mohawk is our "signature"; best described by Past President and current Mohawk member, Art Paolelli:

Our Club's  "signature" cannot by measured by a golf course, or one of its magnificent holes. It cannot be found in our Wee Course, tennis courts or pool. It cannot be defined by any one particular event. It is not our storied history, not in the past, not by the visit of any one person who came here in bygone days. It is not conveyed by any building, by any plaque or by any memorial amongst our grounds. It certainly cannot be found or ever by found in any inanimate object. Our "signature" is our people, our membership. It is this very special membership our club enjoys, a collection of members devoted to each other, a membership of smiling faces who embrace a concept that people of like mind should gather in one place and enjoy each others company. This, my friends, is our signature.

We hope you will browse through our site and get to know more about the Mohawk Golf Club and the many social, culinary and athletic activities that are available for everyone.